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If you're anything like the surfers I know (myself included), you don't just surf, you are obsessed with surfing. Daily wave checks, scheduling life around swell forecasts, dawn patrols & sunsets on the ocean. Life is just better when you are surfing.


Until you surf, it's hard to understand the passion, and once you do, you just always want to keep that stoke going.


With that in mind, I created this surf log. It includes a place to tally the days you surf throughout the year (with a bonus page to track days spend on other types of adventures). Next is a monthly spread to record the day to day ocean activity (swell height, period, & direction, along with wind speed and direction). The opposite page is a place to record the waves heights the conditions produced- helping not just track the wave height on the days your surfed, but honing your forecast knowledge of your favorite break and understanding the types of waves different conditions serve up.


The next section is a place to record notes of all your favorite sessions in the water. Track deets like time of day, water & air temp, board & gear used, 3 things you took away from the session, a notes area for any memorable moments and a stoke meter so you can always look back on how much fun your session was.


Lastly, there are a few blank pages for anything else you want to jot down, surf related. I hope this surf log helps you have the best year of surfing yet!


Interior includes:

* Equipment stats page to list all your gear, along with purchase date (and warranty notes).

* A year surf log page- color in the days you get water time, and watch as your surf sessions tally up!

* A bonus tracker page- for the bikes, hikes, climbs, photo shoots, and adventure days.

* Surf etiquette & surf forecast basics overview, to keep you stoked in and out of the water.

* A two page spread for each month to record daily swell conditions, and the waves they delivered to your break.

* 60 pages of surf session logs

* 14 lined pages for random notes

Surf Log

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