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Melrose Kitchen Renovation

"I love it every day!"

                 ~ Homeowner


The ground floor of this condo was completely gutted in order to turn a tiny closed off kitchen, into an open concept space fit to entertain during large gatherings.

The new laundry closet, powder room and coat closet were relocated in the area of the former kitchen, while the original covered entry was framed in to become kitchen space. This reconfiguration allowed for an L shaped kitchen to flow into the dining space with a large peninsula seating area. 

Locating the laundry and coat closets before the powder room gives an added layer of separation, allowing for a sense of privacy.  

Along the interior wall where the bathroom previous was located is a new serving bar, refrigerator and pantry. By locating it along the common wall of the condo units, this creates the sense of a larger kitchen, while also adding an additional layer of sound dampening between the units. 

Originally built in the 1800's, the owners looked to salvage some of the original timber to reuse in finishing the space. Reclaimed boards were brought in to wrap the large steel beam needed to eliminate a bearing wall. It repeats again by wrapping the dining side of the peninsula, to make a floating wine rack and a shelf is seen again paneling the wall in the powder room. 

After Photos

Before Photos

0001 (1).jpg

Floor Plan Before

Floor Plan After

Project Team


General Contractor:

Damiana Design + Project Management

Sequoia Builders, Inc.

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